Text 26 Aug Long time coming

From 21-24 I never thought about my future, I wanted to have fun more than earning a degree or looking for a career path. I was afraid to grow up and lacked the self confidence I should of had. The death of my grandmom put me in a position where I was a childish fool and thought I was immortal. The reality is I am 26 now and only started my career. 

I landed my first Tech support job with a good salary considering I have no degree right now or certifications. I thought I should apply for a job this summer and if I land a tech support job great, if i didn’t I’ll continue to finish up my degree in information tech.

I had an interview with Comcast for a tier one support and didn’t get the job. It was a big blow to my ego, because I thought I landed that job. The 2nd job I was suppose to go in for was a AV tech specialist, but i was in California and everything just went wrong. I didn’t even get to a interview. 

The 3rd time is a charm, I got a call from a contracted job and the position was for a school district. I would be working between a middle and high school as a tech support. I went for the first interview and nailed. I felt great about it and the 2nd interview was with the school district director of tech. They gave me a piece of paper with tech issues and they wanted to see how fast I can prioritize each problem from most important to least. I felt like I nailed that too. within less than 2 weeks I got a call back with the good news. 

Everything I’ve worked towards has been validated, and even more so after working a month. My co-workers are surprised at how knowledgeable and how fast I pick up on things. All my schooling was starting to pay off because everything I’ve learned has slowly applied in real life situations at work. 

I’ve started the foundation for the rest of my life, and I have to continue with building it to the top. First get my degree, get certified for ccent, net plus, security plus, msca, mos, and more. 

I plan to save up for a new car, home and I plan to buy a new watch to mark my career achievements, with every new job I hope to be paid more. With that said I’ll start off with a 1k watch, next job 2k, 4k and my ultimate goal is to buy a Rolex Submariner. 

I could of never of done this without the support of my friends and family. I have a support system that never puts me down, but only lift me up and they’ve always believed in me especially my parents. I’m doing this for them, my grandmom, and grandpa. To have my aunt and uncles look at me proudly and to reach high as I can reach. 

I have nothing to do but to live an interesting life. This is the manifestation of my idiot blood.

Text 14 Aug Photography Job

I got an interview for a photojournalist position that’s part time. I showed some of my work and they wanted me to come in and further to discuss the position !

Video 1 Aug 52,919 notes


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Text 29 Jul First day of work

I did really well today on my first day on the job, they were impressed with how much i knew, but it’s all only book knowledge it’s time to get some hands on experience

Text 19 Jul 1 note IT

So I’m back in school for IT and probably going into windows servers and cisco certifications. But everything I’ve been working for is coming true, i got a position as a tech support for a school district. I’ll get the experience I need to further my career !

Video 8 Jul 1 note

I did a engagement shoot for two of my good friends Saturday. I must say a lot of these photos came out great, I have so much more ideas and things to try out. They were easy going and cooperative .

Photo 26 Jun It’s been a while LA it feels good to be back

It’s been a while LA it feels good to be back

Video 17 May

The weeknd calms my soul down when I’m driving. No road rage!

Text 11 May Its been a while tumblr!

I’ve been busy exploring the wonderful world of cisco, studying for my ccna and stuff. I’m due for a trip when i get my certification 

Text 22 Apr Crunch Time

Crunch Time applications, finals, studying and errands galore 

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