Text 19 Jul 1 note IT

So I’m back in school for IT and probably going into windows servers and cisco certifications. But everything I’ve been working for is coming true, i got a position as a tech support for a school district. I’ll get the experience I need to further my career !

Video 8 Jul 1 note

I did a engagement shoot for two of my good friends Saturday. I must say a lot of these photos came out great, I have so much more ideas and things to try out. They were easy going and cooperative .

Photo 26 Jun It’s been a while LA it feels good to be back

It’s been a while LA it feels good to be back

Video 17 May

The weeknd calms my soul down when I’m driving. No road rage!

Text 11 May Its been a while tumblr!

I’ve been busy exploring the wonderful world of cisco, studying for my ccna and stuff. I’m due for a trip when i get my certification 

Text 22 Apr Crunch Time

Crunch Time applications, finals, studying and errands galore 

Video 7 Apr 183,787 notes

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Video 6 Apr 7,871 notes
Kids, I must have heard your mom’s rendition of  “La Vie En Rose” a million times over the years. Every night when she tucked you in, for instance. But that performance, that first night I ever heard her sing, that one will always be my favorite. 
Video 25 Mar

i don’t need you but i want you

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