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Text 24 Jan 1 note 2014 rant

2 of my friends are getting married this summer, I need to get get around 180 at least by July. So I joined the boxing gym for 3 months once this semester is over I plan on going to Louisiana to help my aunt fora  month and a half. I’l be in training mode, i’ll buy a heavy bag and train my little cousins how to fight! 

During that down time i’ll take online courses and study for my ccna certification. this is pretty important for my career in system admin. With this i can make at least 50-75k. In this life time I’ll need a couple of certificates to eventually be able to make 6 figures. I’ll pursue my dream of being a photojournalist, I’ve been taking a lot more photos but haven’t been able to post them because post processing on this slow ass laptop is dreadful so I’m going to build my own editing machine with a budget of 1200. 

fractal design define r4 case

asus motherboard

i7 4770k going to overclock it

radeon 270x

16gb of ram

I really want thie 21:9 ratio 29in asus monitor. ultra wide screen is pretty awesome.  

I’ve been meeting people whenever I can. I really think having someone lied to me in the last encounter with someone who i really did cared for and always tried to be mindful of the situation. If i was obsessed and smothering her i would of visited her without a damn problem. I fly for free for Christ sake, but I tried to be understanding thinking she’s being honest back, but that wasn’t the case. I felt like I was spat in the face and its made me hesitant to open up to other women. I see myself a honorable man if you treat me with respect, but if you do me really wrong I’ll turn into a very angry person but later on I’ll cool down. If this person were to man up and just apologize. Just admit she was at the wrong. It would probably benefit her more than me, because in the end you’re the one lying to yourself and everyone.

On this list of travels this year, I want to make it back to California with someone or alone.

Go back to new York, Chicago and hopefully i get to visit Toronto this summer

Visit my friend in Houston when he has his son!

Vegas and Atlanta is another place.

A lot to do this year but you know what? Building me up as strong and spiritual individual.

This is a true rant because I am all over the place. I’ve had time to figure out what style i want to be consistent with and I think I’ve found it. I’m a fan of style from the 1950’s where men wore suits that fit, not skin tight or super skinny. just well made and comfortable. Boots, watches well groomed and all. I don’t think I”m a hipster but with all the high tech and colorful things going on in the future and present. I appreciating more of the old and what got us to this era. I’m blending in modern and old. 

I’ve recently gotten into watches and one day I’ll have a submariner rolex. 8000 watch but a time piece of that caliper is timeless and it has really helped me with not using my phone a lot in social settings because I usually check for the time. ahhh yea i think this rant is done 

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The Weeknd // Wicked Games (2012)

Realest song ever

Text 21 Jan To live life

Once, I wrestled with the difficult question of how one should live life. Now I feel I understand I want to live an interesting life, but it’s still unclear how I should do it. Somewhere along the line idling away my time doing nothing, I realized that there’s nothing else I need to do beside live an interesting life and watch it unravel.

Photo 21 Jan Mom and I #canon6d #tamron

Mom and I #canon6d #tamron

Photo 21 Jan Pops and I #dadandson #family #canon6d #6d #photos

Pops and I #dadandson #family #canon6d #6d #photos

Photo 16 Jan 1 note Random Student on Flickr.My street photography has gotten a lot better, I’ve been trying to shoot less and pick out shots that i know will turn out nice. Pretending like I have film really does make me self conscious about my shots.

Random Student on Flickr.

My street photography has gotten a lot better, I’ve been trying to shoot less and pick out shots that i know will turn out nice. Pretending like I have film really does make me self conscious about my shots.

Photo 16 Jan Random student #streetphotography #canon6d #canon #photography

Random student #streetphotography #canon6d #canon #photography

Photo 16 Jan Waiting for the spring in December #nature #photography #canon6d #canon #6d #streetphotography

Waiting for the spring in December #nature #photography #canon6d #canon #6d #streetphotography

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